Contemporary woven scarves, inspired by nature, designed for you

Lesley Frankland

Weaving found me at college and I have endeavoured to have a loom somewhere about ever since.

I love the challenge of weaving.  It can be a very simple, or very complex process.  There is always room for surprises.  It is technical and precise, but can give amazingly fluid results.  The design has to include the structure of how a fabric will be, its weight and handle, as well as the texture, colour and pattern.

Inspiration comes from the constantly evolving colour and texture of the world around – the small differences, the seasons, the mood.  Whatever the end product, my woven fabric design aims to capture this sense of movement, colour quietly singing.

The natural qualities of silk, wool and linen yarns are explored to create beautiful woven fabrics.  Silk is wonderful for scarves.  It is luxurious, soft against the skin and drapes beautifully.

The Studio

The studio is based in a pretty part of Essex, surrounded by woodland and the sound of birdsong.  All the design and sampling work is done here.

A 32 shaft Leclerc handloom gives the ability to develop complex weave structures and try many colour and pattern variations on one warp.


Working from sketches, photographs and colour studies a theme is developed and a warp is set up on the loom to explore and simplify these ideas into a cohesive collection.

Some are developed to be handwoven as unique pieces, others as limited edition ranges woven by a small specialist mill in Yorkshire on an old shuttle loom to achieve a truly authentic look and feel.

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